If your an Artist you gotta have Supplies! 

Whether you bead, paint, knit, sew, work with metals or wood, you have to have the Supplies to do it. With the influx of Asian Markets come competition and that dreadful WAIT! Oh yes, waiting can be anywhere from 20 - 50 days depending on how much, where and what your purchasing. 

Why not buy from here in the US? Why not Support local Artists who also sell supplies? Say no more to that dreadful wait!

I know a group on FB that is growing fast. It just so happens the Artists in that group are having a Huge Supplies Event. Today, Friday January 26th - Wednesday January 31st you can come in and Join the group and purchase from local Artists. You get those much needed supplies faster and you don't have to wait 20 - 50 days! 

There are so many different types of items available through the week. And the great thing about Buying here? Supporting your Local Artists! Becasue the only people they exploit is Themselves!! And of course it Feeds their creativity.

Types of supplies you'll find;

  1. Beads & Jewelry Supplies
  2. Fabrics
  3. Scrapbooking Supplies
  4. Enhanced Metals
  5. Polymer Clay Beads & Supplies
  6. & More

Many of these Artists work full time and sell in the group. We'll be meeting many of these Artists through the Blog here as I'll be introducing them to you. So make sure to keep tabs on the Blog for Artist Interviews.

Ok, the name of the group? SkullMoto Boutique Presents; Featured Artists and Suppliers. Hmm, look at that. Oh why yes, your right, It is my group! Just give me a shout when you come over and join so I know this blog sent you our way!


Just a bit of what you may find!

Featured Suppliers;

  1. Theresa DiFeo
  2. Cori Olson
  3. Roberta Bobbi Pehr
  4. Deiliah Marie Maynard‎
  5. Holly Johnson
  6. Lisa Murphy
  7. Marie Jefferson
  8. Sabrina Zanetta Arana

Are you a Handmade Artist or Supplier of Art or Craft Supplies?  

Join SkullMoto Boutique Presents; Featured Artists & Suppliers!


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